The meaning of pain

My name is Monique, and I’m 54.

I want to tell you about something that changed my life. It’s called CBD.

My husband and I own The Med Store. An online source of pure, potent and lab tested CBD, and I hope you can also discover how this natural remedy could change your health, alleviate your pain and calm your anxiety, as it has done for me.

Please read on… 

6 years ago my doctor told me I’d need hip replacement on both legs. I couldn’t take a step without limping, because of excruciating pain, especially after Yoga, Zumba or weight training.

“You have exercised too hard for too long, and you have worn down the cartilage on your hip joints.” 

I had no choice

I couldn’t bear the thought of hobbling around like an old lady, I still felt like the complete opposite. I had worked my entire life at keeping fit and in shape. So I booked my surgery and took the plunge. 

Hip replacement was a brutal procedure: the top half of my femurs (the largest bone in the human body) were sawn off, and a titanium “spike” was literally hammered into the remaining bone. Then a “socket” was ground out of the hip bone with a drill, to receive a circular ceramic “cup”, into which the ball joint of the spike fits.

It sounds like medieval carpentry, and trust me… it felt like torture.

This is me on the same day of the operation. (obviously under potent pain killers...)

The procedure should have fixed my limp and eased the pain, but it didn’t. After months of physiotherapy I was still in severe pain, as the implant rubbed against my leg tendons and created painful inflammation.

I was sick of taking powerful opioids and anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, they eased the pain for a while, but the side-effects were making me dreadfully sick. I didn't know what to do.

Until one day…

A close friend gave me a bottle of CBD oil:

“Take a dropper every day, keep it under you tongue for a couple of minutes. You have nothing to lose... it's natural, it won't make you high, it's not addictive and you won't get any side effects.”

I didn’t really believe it would help me, I had heard the hype about CBD, but I was tired of taking those horrible drugs, so I gave it a try. I took the oil every day before going to bed and I used the CBD cream on my hips.

 2 weeks later Robin & I travelled for a holiday in Paris.

I am not exaggerating...

We walked the streets of Paris for miles every day. I did not feel any pain. None

When we returned home I restarted my fitness classes, rebuilding the muscles I had lost, getting stronger, happier... I was "myself" again.

After this amazing transformation, Robin & I decided we had to share this discovery, so we could help other people living with pain, anxiety, insomnia and so many other conditions, so...

We launched The Med Store

All of our products are high grade, pure, tested and potent. They are also much cheaper than other sources.

We encourage you to do your own research. Click on the links below to see for yourself what scientists around the world are stating: 

There are many other benefits you can get from using CBD. Mental clarity, heart health, muscle recovery, regulated blood pressure and helping to decrease the risk of developing cancer.

In closing

Yes, my story is of extreme pain, but CBD has been shown to work on everyday muscle and joint pain, recovery from workouts, inflammation… the list goes on and on.

CBD is totally legal in all 50 states, it won’t make you “high”, you can’t become addicted to it. Our products are organically grown, free from pesticides, natural, cruelty free and made entirely in the USA.

Please try it, and tell us how it went? You can read the testimonials of real people who have used our products and are getting great results. I’d love to hear what CBD does for you.

All the best,


PS. Don't forget to Visit The Med Store... it could change your life. It changed mine.


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