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Qedesh Oil

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Qedesh was created with the original recipe written in the Bible, in Exodus 30:22.

It contains 5 ingredients in precise quantities:




Olive oil


The last ingredient - Keneh-Bosem, was mistranslated as "Calamus" when the Bible was translated from Hebrew to Greek in 3 AC. The original ingredient, widely used in Moses' time - was Cannabis.

Please read our blog article "Did Moses Use Cannabis?" to learn more.

We do not make any claims for Qedesh as a therapy for ailments, but we believe that a recipe ordained by God in the Bible and used for thousands of years, may have properties that transcend our current knowledge. 

You may use Qedesh:

As an anointing oil

As a perfume

As an incense with an essential oil infuser  

In religious ceremonies

Topically (on your skin) 


We would love to hear of your experience with Qedesh. Please write your comments below.


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